OBSIDIA is an unusual mirror object. A touching point between ancient spirituality and – the most – contemporary artefacts of our current world: cars.

As an in-between object of something common and something mysterious, OBSIDIA celebrates the colour black, which despite having been always associated with darkness and gloom, with a glossy finishing takes on its surprising ability to mirror its surroundings.

As history teaches, long ago people used to see their reflections in dark water. Eventually, they created the first mirrors using a black, polished volcanic stone called obsidian.
In this case, still tributing history, OBSIDIA is processed using modern techniques from the automotive industry. The mirror’s design was inspired by car silhouettes, which have been in detail analyzed and recreated on 3D software. 

Black mirrors have been viewed as spiritual portals to the divine and the afterlife since ancient times.
OBSIDIA invites us to embrace our darkest side in a modern way.

@ Photography by Sanne Kaal, 2022
Copyrights by © Giulia Toneguzzo 2023